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Despite their small size, babies and kids can be the source of big odors (like diapers and sweaty socks). Good thing Fresh Wave has a solution for all of them. From diaper pails to bibs, food spills to play rugs, use these safe and natural odor eliminators to keep away smells in rooms, clothes, and surfaces.

All Fresh Wave products are made with natural ingredients making them the ideal baby safe air fresheners. In fact, none of our products contain harsh chemicals, synthetic fragrances, alcohol, or phthalates. (And, we promise, they never will.)


Place an odor eliminating Gel on a bookcase in your kids room for continuous freshness. Playrooms need refreshing, too. Our slow-release Gels makes a continuous air freshener for baby rooms.

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Fresh Pod

Use a Fresh Pod to get rid of diaper pail smells and enjoy an odor-free nursery.

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Spritz these baby safe air freshener Sprays on baby clothes, closets, bedding, and in the air.

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Laundry Booster

Get rid of odors from baby clothing, burp cloths, bibs, and cloth diapers with plant-based Laundry Booster. No harsh chemicals or fake fragrances means its safe for your kids and you.

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Travel Sprays

Pack this small (but powerful) 2 oz. Spray bottle in your diaper bag or purse for on-the-go odor removal.

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The Importance of Baby Safe Air Fresheners in the Nursery

You shouldn’t have to choose between "it works" and "it’s good for you." Especially when it comes to your family and children. That’s why we use natural ingredients in our baby safe air fresheners. Also, each product uses the power of plant oils to absorb and neutralize odors, meaning no masking fragrances.