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Fresh Wave makes closets smell good with natural ingredients.

Closets can be a source of nasty smells in a home, especially when your jeans or T-shirts get an extra wear even after the "sniff test." To deodorize your closet effectively, use Fresh Wave's natural odor elimination products.

Many of our plant-based odor removers act passively and continuously, which means you can set it and forget it. Just place a Pod and Pack, or Gel in your smelly closet and they get to work, absorbing odor molecules in the air and from your fabrics.


Deodorize clothing, bed sheets, and linens with Laundry Booster before your store to keep them fresh.

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Continuous Odor Elimination

Stash an odor eliminating Gel on shelves to get rid of closet odors non-stop.

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Shoe Odors

Place our powerful Packs inside boots and shoes to neutralize odors between wears.

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How it Works

Whether a Spray, Gel, Pack, or Pod, Fresh Wave closet odor eliminators use a scientific approach to removing odors. Because all odors are chemical compounds, Fresh Wave products work to tackle all smells at the source by absorbing odor molecules.

Fresh Wave closet eliminators then break apart the chemical bonds between odor molecules and make new compounds. These new molecules don't have a smell, and odors are gone for good (not just covered up).