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Fresh Wave makes closets smell good with natural ingredients.

From gasoline to garbage to must, smells that start in the garage can be difficult to deal with. Fortunately, Fresh Wave products can help you eliminate those hard-to-handle odors, so you can enjoy using your garage as a workshop or extra living space.

How To Eliminate Garage Odors

Garage smells can come from many sources. Whether your vehicle has previously leaked oil, your garbage can is harboring smells or your home gym is smelling unpleasant, Fresh Wave products give you a safe and effective garage air freshener solution. Powered by plant-based ingredients, our garage odor eliminator products address the causes of smells rather than simply covering them up. As a result, Fresh Wave garage deodorizer products are an effective solution for difficult-to-remove smells, and you can feel good knowing they are completely free of harmful ingredients.

Garage gas odors from lawn mower

Gas and Oil Odors

Gasoline and oil are two of the hardest smells to get rid of in a garage. Even after you've cleaned up a smell, the scent of the oil spill can linger. If you leave the door to the house open, that smell can enter the rest of your home and permeate wood, fabrics and upholstery.

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Recycling & Garbage Odors

Residues left in recyclables and waste tossed in the trash can stink up your garage while you wait until trash day. Fresh Wave Odor Eliminating Pods can make an effective garage odor eliminator for your garbage cans.

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man taking out the garbage

smelly workout equiment

Garage Gym Equipment Odors

The garage may be a convenient place to keep that weight bench or treadmill, but the lingering scent of bacteria and perspiration can make the whole space smell. To deal with fitness equipment funk, wipe down surfaces with Fresh Wave Odor Eliminating Sprays.

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Garage Odors Eliminators

  • Odor Removing Gel, 15 oz.

    Get rid of musty smells with Fresh Wave’s trusted gel. Absorb household odors with our powerful blend of plant oils. Simply remove the cap, peel the foil lid, return the cap, and set the gel wherever you need continuous relief ...

    $14.99 $40.47 $44.97
  • Odor Removing Spray, Non-Aerosol, Fine Mist, 8 oz.

    Mist the air and clear any odor. Our fine mist sprayer naturally removes odors in the air from pets, from kids, from mess, from life. Packed with plant-based, active ingredients that float on the air, the mist absorbs odor molecules, ...

  • Fresh Wave 2 Gallon Odor Eliminating Gel Bucket

    Odor Removing Gel Bucket, 2 Gallons

    2 Gallons of odor-fighting gel. Do the sour smells in your life even stand a chance? Never run out of your favorite plant-based odor remover. Save money and reduce waste by refilling your original jars from our 7 oz. and ...