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Fresh Wave products eliminate kitchen and cooking odors with natural ingredients.

Eliminating kitchen odors is a problem for even the most experienced chefs. Expired foods. Cluttered refrigerators. Overflowing garbage. Even odors from cooking and shared meals can fill up kitchens and leave behind lingering stink.

Fresh Wave cooking odor eliminators help deodorize your kitchen with safe, natural ingredients. Our collection of odor removing products uses the power of plant oils to neutralize odor molecules. Fresh Wave Sprays, Laundry Booster, Packs, Candles, and Gels don’t mask odors with fake fragrances, they get rid of them for good.

Cooking Smells

Light a Candle or place a Gel while you cook to absorb kitchen odors from ingredients and meals.

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Fridge Smells

Wipe down your empty fridge with laundry booster to get rid of food and spill odors. Read our article on how to eliminate fridge odors.

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Trash Smells

Store gel, packs, or a strategically placed Fresh Pod to remove and prevent garbage odors.

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Other Food And Appliance Odors

Use Fresh Wave Spray as a diverse deodorizer in garbage disposals, dishwashers, stoves and ovens, and kitchen surfaces.

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