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Dog Shampoo for Removing Odor

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Does your favorite furry friend need some freshening up? With our Fresh Wave Dog Shampoo, a great smelling pet is as easy as a quick bath. Our safe Dog Shampoo washes away pet odors using natural ingredients, including coconut-derived cleaners, lemongrass, and other plant oils. No added perfumes or harsh chemicals to worry about.

And if your dog gets sprayed by a skunk, don't panic. A quick bath or two with our dog deskunking shampoo and your four-legged companion will be skunk-odor-free!

Is Fresh Wave dog shampoo safe for all pets?

Yes! Our dog shampoo is made with care in mind, using natural ingredients to provide clean relief to any furry friend. Made with no added perfumes or chemicals, you can feel safe applying it to all pets.

What are the benefits of using dog shampoo?

Dog skin is very different from our own. Using a human shampoo on your dog can wash away any natural protections and leave your dog prone to infections. In addition to a shiny, fresh smelling coat, shampooing your dog can also help to battle fleas and insects that may be on your dog’s coat.