Kitchen Odor Removing Kit

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Onions, garlic, fish. Go ahead and cook away! This kit will keep your kitchen free from lingering odors. This kit contains (1) 8 oz. Spray to add a little fresh air to your kitchen, (1) candle to tackle the toughest of food odors and (1) Fresh Pod because trash cans could use a little Fresh Wave love too.
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Fresh Wave Odor Eliminating Kitchen Kit
Kitchen Odor Removing Kit
Natural Ingredients
No harmful ingredients
Water Based
With Plant Oils

The Kitchen Odor Removing Kit has all your odor solution essentials packed into one.

Kitchen Kit contains:

(1) Odor Removing Spray, 8 fl. oz.
Our odor-removing spray removes odors in seconds, leaving you with nothing but fresh air. Apply directly to dog beds or furniture to eliminate odors at the source.

(1) Odor Removing Candle
Our clean-burning soy and beeswax candle remove odors using safer, natural ingredients - no toxic chemicals or synthetic fragrances. Burn Time: at least 30 hours. Tip: Before lighting, trim wick to 1/4". Burn no longer than 4 hours at a time. Wick contains no lead. Poured in the USA.

(1) Odor Removing Fresh Pod
Remove big odors from small spaces. Our Fresh Pod case comes preloaded with a pack. Just remove it from the package, peel the 3M adhesive strips and adhere it to a clean, flat surface. Replace the pack every 30 days for continuous odor relief.

The Kitchen Odor Removing Kit is the perfect combination of Fresh Wave products for your pre and post-cooking meals. Start off by placing the Fresh Wave Pod on the top of your garbage can lid to eliminate the scrap food garbage odors. Next, spray the 8 oz. Odor Removing spray into the air to combat the lingering bad smells. Once you're done cooking, light the Fresh Wave Odor Removing Candle to help illuminate the room while battling the last few odors in the kitchen.

Each individual product is made of it's own blend of natural ingredients. Please visit the ingredients page to learn more about what can be found in Fresh Wave products.

See full list of ingredients here.

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