Stinky Dorm Kit®

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This stinky dorm kit is a college kid's secret to keeping cramped living quarters clean and fresh. The kit is specially crafted with essential dorm room odor eliminators to tackle stubborn odors in the air and on surfaces.
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Fresh Wave Odor Eliminating Athlete's Kit
Stinky Dorm Kit®
Natural Ingredients
No harmful ingredients
Water Based
With Plant Oils

The Stinky Dorm Kit has all your odor solution essentials packed into one to eliminate your stinky dorm room odors.

The Stinky Dorm Kit contains:

(1) Odor Removing Fresh Pod
Fresh pod to absorb dorm room odors in small spaces such as laundry bins, closets, and in-room bathrooms. Replace the pack every 30 days for continuous odor relief.

(1) Odor Removing Spray, 8 fl. oz.
Our odor-eliminating spray removes odors in seconds, leaving you with nothing but fresh air. Apply directly to dog beds or furniture to eliminate odors at the source.

(1) Odor Removing Gel, 15 oz.
For a continuous litter box smell solution, place the Gel container where odors are strongest. As Gel disappears, so do nasty smells. Replace every 30-60 days.

Not all college dorms need to smell! Use the Fresh Wave Sinky Dorm Kit to help eliminate those college dorm room odors. The perfect kit to keep your living quarters fresh and clean.

Each individual product is made of it's own blend of natural ingredients. Please visit the ingredients page to learn more about what can be found in Fresh Wave products.

See full list of ingredients here.

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