Odor Removing Lavender Spray, 2 fl. oz.

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Odors just don't reside at home. Hotels, gyms, cars, and public bathrooms can sometimes pack a less-than-pleasant odor experience. But all is good when you have a Fresh Wave Lavender Travel Spray with you. Just a few spritzes and offending smells disappear like magic. Toss one in your purse, luggage, or gym bag and you are good to go. Your nose will thank you.
Pack Size: Individual
Odor Removing Lavender Spray, 2 fl. oz.
Odor Removing Lavender Spray, 2 fl. oz.
Odor Removing Lavender Spray, 2 fl. oz.
Odor Removing Lavender Spray, 2 fl. oz.
Odor Removing Lavender Spray, 2 fl. oz.
Natural Ingredients
No harmful ingredients
Water Based
With Plant Oils

Our air freshener spray works as an odor eliminator smoke, trash cans, mildew, and bathrooms, as well as an all-around room deodorizer.

Also works as a fabric refresher for shoes, closets, clothes, upholstery, furniture, pet bedding, backpacks, fitness bags, and anything else that needs to be deodorized instantly.

Ingredients include pine needle, lime, clove, anise, and cedarwood — and, for our lavender spray, real lavender oil. The Spray has a natural aroma of these plant oils, but vanishes as it goes to work on odors.


1. Shake spray bottle gently before using

2. Spray in the air, on upholstery, fabrics, or surfaces

(Hint: For delicate materials like silk, try a test to avoid spotting)

Water, Lavender Oil, Lavandin Oil, Proprietary natural plant oil blend; Trade Secret per Uniform Secrets Act (For more information, visit the International Fragrances Association's website at infraorg.org.)**, Lime Oil, Pine Needle Oil, Cedarwood Oil, Anise Oil, Clove Oil, Tocopherol Alpha, Polysorbate 80, Sorbitan Oleate, Compressed Air, and Proprietary Preservatives.

Fresh Wave Gel and Spray (trigger and Bag-On-Valve) and Lavender Gel and Spray (trigger and Bag-On-Valve) have earned the EPA's Safer Choice recognition. The Safer Choice Program helps consumers, businesses, and purchasers find products that perform well and are safer for human health and the environment. When consumers see the Safer Choice label on a product, they can be confident that the ingredients have been through a rigorous EPA review. EPA scientists have evaluated every ingredient in the product to ensure it meets Safer Choice stringent criteria.

See full list of ingredients here.

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