Odor Removing Lemon Packs, 6 ct.

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Introducing Fresh Wave Odor Removing Lemon Packs: The same Fresh Wave odor-eliminating power is now infused with a slice of vibrant lemon oil. Ideal to follow-up deep cleans or routine tidying to burst away lasting smells. Place in a small space with ongoing odors, like drawers, shoes, gym bags, backpacks, cars, RVs, boats, and closets. These powerful Packs continuously release natural plant oils, absorbing and neutralizing odor molecules in the air.
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Odor Removing Lemon Packs, 6 ct.
Odor Removing Lemon Packs, 6 ct.
Odor Removing Lemon Packs, 6 ct.
Odor Removing Lemon Packs, 6 ct.
Natural Ingredients
No harmful ingredients
With Plant Oils

Each resealable pouch contains six (6) Odor Removing Packs, each lasting for 30-60 days. Beads continuously release a blend of powerful plant oils into the surrounding air, neutralizing odor molecules. Packs can be used to refill the Fresh Pod.

Fresh Wave Odor Removing Lavender Packs, 6 ct. Sitting on End Table in a Living Room

1. Open the pouch and remove a single Pack (or use multiple for stronger odors)

2. Reseal the bag to keep unused Packs fresh

3. Insert in Fresh Wave Pod and change every 30-60 days.

how to use packs and pod infographic

Ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA), Lemon Oil Terpenes, Proprietary natural plant oil blend; Trade Secret per Uniform Secrets Act (For more information, visit the International Fragrances Association's website at ifrafragrance.org.), Lime Oil, Pine Needle Oil, Cedarwood Oil, Anise Oil, Clove Oil, Tocopherol Alpha.

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