Odor Removing Orange Pet Spray, 8 fl. oz.

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When nature calls, nature solves. Plant-powered odor eliminators for all your pet problems. No matter what stinky smells your sweet dog or cat have stirred up, the Fresh Wave Pet Odor Removing Spray will drive those odors away for good. Using natural, active ingredients like orange oil, it’s safer for people, pets, and planet. Effective and long-lasting, it’ll give any pet-parent peace of mind.
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Odor Removing Orange Pet Spray, 8 fl. oz.
Odor Removing Orange Pet Spray, 8 fl. oz.
Odor Removing Orange Pet Spray, 8 fl. oz.
Odor Removing Orange Pet Spray, 8 fl. oz.
Odor Removing Orange Pet Spray, 8 fl. oz.
Odor Removing Orange Pet Spray, 8 fl. oz.
Natural Ingredients
No harmful ingredients
Water Based
With Plant Oils

Natural, active ingredients absorb and eliminate odor molecules in the air. Made without the synthetic fragrances and harsh chemicals you’ll find in traditional air fresheners, Fresh Wave leaves behind a breath of fresh air and nothing else.

Fresh Wave Pet Odor Removing Spray quickly eliminates pet odors left behind by urine, feces, vomit, and other organic matter.

Our formulation neutralizes odorous oils sprayed by skunks. Once sprayed, Fresh Wave’s Pet Odor Removing Spray absorbs odor-causing molecules, removing all traces of the smell. Eliminates skunk odor from carpets, fabrics, and other contaminated areas.

Works on many types of surfaces, including pet beds, clothing, furniture, blankets, cages, litter boxes, towels, carpet, upholstery, and nylon. Use on water-safe materials only.

This product is non-harmful, free of alcohol, phthalates, and parabens making it safer to use around people, pets, and the planet.

Our odor eliminating pet spray smells like freshly cut oranges. The aroma disappears as it neutralizes odor molecules.


1. Shake spray bottle gently before using

2. Spray on upholstery, in the air, fabrics, or carpets

3. For stronger odors, respray frequently

(Hint: For delicate materials like silk, try a test to avoid spotting)

Water, Orange Oil, Proprietary natural plant oil blend; Trade Secret per Uniform Secrets Act (For more information, visit the International Fragrances Association's website at ifrafragrance.org.), Lime Oil, Pine Needle Oil, Cedarwood Oil, Anise Oil, Clove Oil, Tocopherol Alpha, Polysorbate 80, Sorbitan Oleate, and Proprietary Preservatives.

See full list of ingredients here.

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