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Odor Eliminating Packs & Fresh Pod

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Funny how small spaces can sometimes have a huge odor. Our Fresh Wave Packs work well for the smelliest small spaces: car interiors, gym bags, shoes, closets, boats, campers, bagless vacuums, trash cans, and that oh-so-powerful diaper pail...just to name a few.

Toss them in and toss those odors out or stick in place using a Fresh Wave Fresh Pod. And when you only need one or two packs to do the job, just reseal the bag to keep the other packs smelling fresh.

Did you know the Fresh Wave Packs are designed to replace the satchets that comes with the Fresh Wave Fresh Pod? Each resealable bag comes with 6 odor removing packs so you can refill your Fresh Pod. Regular replacement makes sure the Fresh Pod works around the clock to eliminate the toughest odors.